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Pension Scheme


Salient features:-

  • Any life member can join the Scheme, even after the age of 60 yrs.
  • Pension will be given to the members of the Scheme preferably after 60 years/ at the time when they opt for pension.
  • Annual Subscription Rs:12,000/- or any higher amount decided by the member.
  • A member can put any amount as contribution any time in a year.
  • A lock in period of 1 year will be there to avail pension in case of a member who joins the scheme at the age of 60 or later.
  • The pension amount depends upon capital amount and interest rate in force.
  • The capital amount will be given to the nominee after the death of member of the Pension Scheme.

Admission Fees :  45 and below Rs. 3,000/-
Above 45      Rs. 5,000/-
Annnual Membership Rs. 500/-