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Senior Social Security Scheme (SSSS)

Senior Social Security Scheme (SSSS) of IMA Kerala State Branch and is established to achieve the objects mentioned in clause 4 (II) of the Memorandum of IMA Kerala State Branch. It becomes a third phase of the SS Scheme of IMA Kerala State Branch with the special stipulations as given below. The scheme shall be operative with effect from December 2010.

Aims & Objectives of the Scheme III

a)       To provide financial assistance to the family of a medical practitioner in the event of his death.
b)       To provide financial assistance to the member who has become permanently diabled thereby rendering him unfit to                               practice his profession during his life time (VIII-2)
c)       To run educational institutions, nursing homes, old age homes and palliative care clinics solely for philanthrophic objectives
without any profit motive.
d)       To support the activities of IMA Kerala State Branch.
e)       To support pension schemes.

Eligibility for Membership

a)       Any life member of the Kerala State Branch of IMA are eligible to become a member of SSSS.
Note : l. Members who have applied for life membership in IMA KSB can join the S.S.S.S with condition that their membership will be
confirmed only after submitting proof of IMA life membership.
Note : ll. (i) Membership comes in to effect only when the IMA Kerala State Social Security Scheme III policy document signed by                  the chairman and the Hony. Secretary of the scheme, is issued to the member.
(ii)      The members who Join the scheme III before 31-12-2011 are designated as ‘FOUNDER MEMBERS’ of the scheme.

Admission fees

Any eligible member of Kerala State Branch of lMA willing to become a Member of the Scheme Ill can do so on payment of admission fees as stated below:-

 Age                                  Amount( Rs)

Above 75 Years:                           Rs. 40,000/-
70 Years but below 75                  Rs. 35,000/-
65 Years but below 70                  Rs. 30,000/-
60 Years but below 65                  Rs. 25,000/-
55 Years but below 60                  Rs. 20,000/-
50 Years but below 55                  Rs. 15,000/-
45 Years but below 50                  Rs. 10,000/-
40 Years but below 45                  Rs. 7,000/-
35 Years but below 40                  Rs. 5,000/-
30 Years but below 35                  Rs. 4,000/-
Below 30 Years                            Rs. 3,000/-

Members Contribution

Every member of the S.S.S.S shall pay Rs. 1000/- (Rupees One Thousand Only) every year as annual membership fee for a period of
25 yrs. Out of this amount Rs.800 will be credited to the family benefit fund and Rs.200 shall be paid to support the activities of IMA KSB.
Every member of the SSSS shall pay fraternity contribution of Rs.500 (Rupees Five Hundred only) per death of a member on demand by the Hony. Secretary of the scheme every year for a period of 25 years continuously. After 25 yrs the member need not make any payment to the scheme but remains as a honorary member enjoying all the benefits of a member. For calculating 25 yrs, date of enrollment into the scheme shall be considered.

Member’s Rights

1. On the event of death of a member, the fraternity benefit to the nominee/ nominees /legal heirs shall be calculated as 500 times the then net membership. Net membership is calculated by  subtracting total  Number of  demised members  + total number of deleted
members + total number  of retired members from  the total enrollment number on the previous day of death of the member and shall be
returned to his nominee/ nominees/legal heirs as the case may be.

2. On the event of the demise of a member, the fraternity benefit will be paid to the nominee/ nominees/legal heirs only if the member
has been a member of the scheme for at least one year from the date of joining the scheme. This will be effective from 1/1/2012.

3. On the receipt of the information from a responsible member of  the family of a member that a member has become permanently
physically disabled there by rendering him unfit to practice his profession, and incurring huge financial burden to the family, such a
member can avail, financial help from family benefit fund. In that event of availing financial help from family benefit fund,  he shall  be
considered as retired member and his membership shall stand terminated. The dues to the scheme if any, shall be subtracted from
the amount he gets from family benefit fund. The decision of the retirement shall  be at the discretion of  the Managing Committee.

4. The amount to be paid under clause (1) & (2) above shall be paid as DD payable at the place of the nominee/ nominees or legal heirs within one month of the receipt of the information of the physical disability or death as the case may be subject to satisfying all conditions prescribed by the Managing Committee and on surrender of the policy document.

5. In the event of loss or non surrender of the Social security Scheme III policy document, the Managing Committee will take the final decision on the disposal of claim.

6. The scheme III will start payment only when 300 members Join the scheme.

7. The admission fee will be refunded to the nominee/nominees /legal heirs, in case of death of a member before attaining the membership of  300.