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 Professional Equipment & Employment Protection Scheme (PEPS)

About Us
Medical profession is growing day by day. Patients expect perfect diagnosis and cure from the disease at the earliest. But we know this may not be possible always, which eventually ends in lot of litigations against doctors and hospitals. To get accurate diagnosis and provide treatment at the earliest, we depend on different types of medical equipment, many of them are high-tech and costly. On the other side of the scene, the companies create lot of burden to the customers by frequent price variations, inadequate after sales service, taking high AMC and breaching the contracts. Many IMA members and Medical Institutions requested IMA to set up a body to take appropriate measures so that members are protected from such unhealthy practices.

Finding a dream job is like finding a pearl in an oyster! With the increasing competition, every Health careentrepreneur wants to hire gems of the profession. At the same time, job seekers also want a destination where they can whet their skills and move towards a better life. A unique platform is required to cater the needs of both. At this juncture, IMA present the scheme, “Professional Equipment & Employment Protection Scheme (PEPS)”

PEPS is registered under Travancore Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Registration 12th Act 1955 as “Professional Equipment and Employment Protection Society”

It helps by:-

  • Providing details of Medical Equipment.
  • Providing details of Medical Equipment Manufacturers, Dealers & Distributors.
  •  Ensuring adequate after sales service of the Medical Equipment.
  • ‘Employment Bureau’ is a part and parcel of PEPS, which helps by
  •  Providing Proper Placement for Junior Doctors, Retired Doctors, Specialists and Super Specialists.
  • Creating a data base on vacancies of medical professionals in hospitals.
  • Standardization of Salary.
  • PEPS is supervising the supply of Bio-medical waste collection bags & Needle burners according to the quality parameters specified by the Pollution Control Board. PEPS will be assuring the quality of these products before supply to the hospitals / clinics. The hospital waste should be collected in these quality assured bags having the PEPS logo. Only then IMAGE will undertake its disposal.
  • PEPS brings out a quarterly newsletter “PEPS VOICE” dealing with particular equipment in each issue.

Liability and Limitations:

The liability of the scheme is limited to
a.  the transfer of information regarding various equipment with regard to the request in question which is based on the data available         data available on record at the time and to support its members in cases of disputes of quality, working condition, after sales service      etc.
b.  the transfer of information regarding the availability of medical professionals of modern medicine for job placement and also
the vacancies available in various health care institutions based on the data available on record at the time.

PEPS is not an Insurance Scheme

Doctors and hospitals are intimately related in various aspects. If we share our grievances and unite together to fight against the unhealthy practices of the Medical equipment companies, we can make this scheme fly high. So also we can develop a congenial
atmosphere for better rapport between health care institutions & medical professionals with the common aim of better patient care.

Eligibility for Membership / Registration

a) PEPS Membership
•      Only Life Members of IMA Kerala State can join this scheme.
•      This lifelong membership is for general communications on request regarding various instruments of common interest.

b) Beneficiary (Equipment & Employment)

•      Any Modern Medicine Hospital (Govt./Private), Health Care Institution or Diagnostic Centres in Kerala can register as a                        ‘Beneficiary’ of the scheme’ through a IMA ‘PEPS’ Member.

•    The registration is only for general communications on request, regarding details of various Medical Equipment, Manufacturers,             Dealers / Distributors of Medical Equipment or availability of various Medical Professionals for job placement.

•    The diagnostic Centres should apply through the Radiologist or pathologist who is an IMA ‘PEPS’ Member.

c) Employment Bureau (PEPS – EB)

•     Any registered modern medicine doctor can register in Employment Bureau.
•     The Scheme will help them for placement in Kerala according to their qualifications on payment of Services Charges.
•     PEPS – EB is planning to have tie-up with reliable agencies in future for placement abroad.

Membership / Registration Fee Structure*

(Subject to change, as per the decisions of Managing Committee of the Scheme from time to time)

a) PEPS Membership – Rs. 1,000/-

b) Beneficiaries of the Scheme – Rs. 2,500/-

*(50% concession for registering hospitals/institutions owned by PEPS Members)

c) Employment Bureau: Graduates / Junior Doctors - Rs. 500/-; Post Graduate Specialists – Rs. 1,000/-; Super Specialists – Rs.
     2,000/-. *(50% concession for PEPS Members)

Service Charges:
(Subject to change, as per the decisions of Managing Committee of the Scheme from time to time)

     a) For Purchase of Equipment through PEPS

An amount equal to 0.5 % of total purchase value of Equipment will be collected from the Hospital / Institution /PEPS Member for
helping to purchase equipment through ‘PEPS’

       b) From Institutions on Job Placement of Medical Professionals

An amount equal to 5.0 % of 1st Month Salary of particular employee will be collected from the Hospital / Institution for placement of medical professionals through ‘PEPS’
  c) From Doctors on Job Placement
An amount equal to 2.5 % of 1st Month Salary will be collected from the particular Doctor for job placement through ‘PEPS’.