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The scheme was launched on 1st April 2004 and the scheme has given financial benefit to 44 families.

Aims and Objectives

a) To provide financial assistance to the family of a member in the event of his death.
b) To provide financial assistance to the member/family at the time of crisis during the members life time
c) Charitable activities to help those who are in need, recommended by the local branches.

Eligibility for membership
Any Life member of Kerala State Branch of IMA below the age of 60 years on the day of joining are eligible to become a member of scheme II provided.
a) A life member of 55 years and below the age of 60 years has a continuous membership of IMA KSB at least for 5 years on  the day   of joining the scheme II.
b) A life member of 45 years and below the age of 55 years has a continuous membership of IMA KSB at least for 3 years on   the day of joining the scheme II.
c) For a life member below the age of 45 years period of continuous membership in IMA is not mandatory.

Admission fees
Admission fees varies depending on the age at the time of joining the scheme.
Age                                 Amount (Rs)
Below 30 years                         3000
30 yrs but below 35 yrs             3500
35 yrs but below 40 yrs             4000
40 yrs but below 45 yrs              5000
45 yrs but below 50 yrs              7000
50 yrs but below 55 yrs             10000
55 yrs and below 60 yrs            15000

A nnual subscription
Every member of Social Security Scheme II shall pay Rs.500/- as annual subscription for a period of 25 years. Out of this Rs.150/-
will be credited to the family benefit fund and Rs. 100/- shall be paid to support the activities of IMA KSB.

Fraternity contribution
Every member of the scheme II shall pay a fraternity contribution of Rs.300/- per death for a continuous period of 25 years.

Honorary member
Those who make payments for 25 years continuously need not make any further payment. They will remain as honorary members of
the scheme with all the benefits of an ordinary member.

Member’s disqualification

Every member of the scheme II shall pay the annual membership (Rs. 500/-) and fraternity contribution at the rate of Rs. 300/- per death. The secretary of the scheme will send individual demand notice in the 3rd week of July showing the exact amount to be paid. The last date for payment with out fine is 30th September every year, after that there will be a fine of Rs. 100/- per month. If the member does not make the payment with in 90 days a registered notice will be send at the members cost. The membership shall stand terminated if the member does not make the payment within 15 day of receipt of the notice.

Fraternity benefit

The bereaved family of the member will receive an amount equivalent to 300 times the current net membership of the scheme.Net membership is calculated by deducting the total number ofdemises + total number of resignations + total number of deletions + total number of honorary members from the total enrollment number on the previous day of death. The present fraternity benefit is Rs. 14.95 lakhs. The fraternity benefit will be paid to nominee/ nominees/legal heirs only if the member has been a member of the scheme for atleast 1 year from the date of joining the scheme.

How to join the scheme

Application forms can be obtained from the branch secretaries. District representatives or from the honorary secretary of the scheme. Filled up application forms with documents to prove the age and copy of the life membership certificate along with the Cheque or DD for appropriate amount can be handed over to the branch secretary or can be directly send to the scheme secretary. Policy document will be sent to all the members with in a month of receipt of the application form and realisation of the Cheque. Payment to Scheme II has to be made as DD / Cheque drawn in favour of Social Security Scheme II payable at Kozhikode.